Otter Creek.jpg

In 2011 Blaine spent a month photographing the American West with a refurbished Deardorf 8x10. After returning home he realized his home state of Michigan was just as inspiring and hardly photographed. Michigan landscape photography is really something that needs to be seen and celebrated. 

 In 2013 Blaine began a project to explore and photograph Michigan in a way that's never been done before; not only in the grand format of 8x10, but visually in a way that explores its ecological diversity through subtle landscape views.

 Since beginning the photographic journey Blaine has driven thousands of miles, spent weeks photographing from the Ohio Border to the tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula and poured over maps scouting hundreds of locations so he can share the best Michigan has to offer. Blaine's incredible attention to quality, subtle style, and perspective presents a Michigan that is easily overlooked, diverse, elegant, serene, and uncommonly graceful; a depiction and categorization of the state rarely photographed or declared.

 For ten years Blaine has established a brand of excellence, professionalism, and integrity in the continental U.S and abroad producing prints. Based out of the metro Detroit Market buyers began commissioning Blaine and his team for portrait and commercial work in 2004.  Blaine's images have been used by fortune five hundred companies and his prints enjoyed by Forbes list members.