A native Michigander, Blaine has been a professional photographer for over a decade. Over the years, his craft has taken him across five continents. Time away lent itself to reflections on home, and in 2013, Blaine turned his artistic eye towards to Michigan and the beauty of the Great Lake State that is too seldom shared and celebrated.  Michigan landscape photography was a natural progression in his work. Although he has extensively photographed the urban scenes of Detroit, he finds himself more captured by the natural, remote treasures of the state that are less often experienced. Blaine seeks to capture in his artwork the majestic vistas of beauty and tranquil bastions of serenity that can only be found  beyond civilization. His quest for beauty has taken him from the marshes and glades along Lake Erie to the northern shores of the Upper Peninsula. M

While favoring big beautiful 8''x10'' negatives Blaine photographs also using Phase One equipment. Blaine's first 8”x10” camera was a 1940 Deardorff, though its years of faithful service have earned it a retirement and he now shoots his large formats on an Arca Swiss F Metrix. For medium format color film work, Blaine loves to shoot on the Contax 645. 

In his leisure time, Blaine skis the back country slopes or finds respite at remote fishing holes. Though married to a Spartan, Blaine is a proud Wolverine, and when he is not traveling on foot or by ski, he traverses the state in his Michigan-blue Jeep, undeterred by  frigid February temperatures, deep snow, muggy August heat, or even our  state's ever tenacious mosquitoes. Wild bold beautiful Michigan is waiting.



  • 1982 - Born Kansas City Missouri
  • 2001 - Given his first camera to document College -  a Fuji Finepix 6800
  • 2003 - Creates first portfolio of Images 
  • 2005 - Graduates from University of Michigan Ann Arbor with a double major in Philosophy and English
  • 2005 - Blaine is commissioned on his first commercial photography project
  • 2007 - Blaine's photography is published across South West Michigan
  • 2008 - Blaine leaves corporate world to become full time photographer - Over the next 5 years Blaine's commercial photography is seen across the country
  • 2009 - First 8x10 View Camera Image is taken
  • 2012 - Blaine wins first prize Color Photography at the Lawrence Gallery's Open Exhibit
  • 2012 - Shown in the 1650 Gallery "Abstracts" online Exhibit
  • 2013 - Shown at the Change of Pace Exhibit at The Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography
  • 2014 - Blaine is awarded Commission to do a 50 piece Permanent Installation of art in Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak
  • 2014 - Blaine launches blainesiesserfineart.com to share his Michigan Project online
  • 2015 - Blaine has first solo Exhibit of the Michigan Project at Chateau Grand Traverse
  • 2016 - Blaine published first book "the Michigan Project"
  • 2016 - Honorable Mention at International Color Awards in Abstract - Nominee in Nature Photography